Operational procedures

The risks and measures to mitigate these risks in each stage of the operation of alarm systems

Operational stage

What to check about the user's risks about ...

Assigning a new patient assigning a new patient to the alarm system
Alarm definition setting the parameters that define the alarm conditions
Connecting to a sensor connecting the patient to a sensor
Monitoring working on other tasks, worrying whether they may notice and recognize the alarm signal.
Disconnecting the sensor disconnecting the patient from a sensor
Dwelling resuming after pausing the monitoring for a while

Alarm situations

  Hearing not hearing the alarm signal
  Noticing not noticing the alarm signal
  Recongnizing not recognizing the alarm condition
  Remote monitoring This section applies to installations in which the alarm is by a portable device
  Responding to alarms muting the sound alarms, worrying about the need to re-enable it
  Investigating getting the information required to understand the patient situation
  Adjusting sensor alarm limits adjusting the alarm limits to the particular situation of a particular patient
  Treatment interrupt forgetting to return after leaving the patient for a while
  Resuming normal monitoring resetting the alarm after the alarm condition is over
Releasing a patient user mistakes in changing patients